What Is Cancer
Cancer can start any place in the body. It starts when cells grow out of control and crowd out normal cells. This makes it hard for the body to work the way it should.
Suicide is the act of intentionally causing one's own death. Depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, personality disorders, and substance abuse, including alcoholism and the use of benzodiazepines are risk factors.
Domestic Violence
Domestic violence (also named domestic abuse or family violence) is violence or other abuse by one person against another in a domestic setting, such as in marriage or cohabitation.
Sexual Abuse
also referred to as molestation, is usually undesired sexual behavior by one person upon another. It is often perpetrated using force or by taking advantage of another.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To celebrate and bring awareness to individuals that have experienced life changing, life altering and traumatic experiences yet still survived.

Our Purpose

After overcoming a challenging task or issue in life, we tend to return to normalcy without acknowledging or reflecting on the “Survivor” aspect of one’s victory or accomplishments.

Some Of Our Survivors

Some Of Our Survivors


1. Jessica – Life Survivor
2. Brittany – Life Survivor
3. Jewlea – Human Sex Trafficking & Domestic Violence Survivor
4. Kevin – Heart Disease Survivor
5. Lenisa – Domestic Violence & Sexual Abuse Survivor
6. Michael – Drug Abuse Survivor
7. Stacy – Sexual Abuse Survivor
8. Vanessa – Mental Health Survivor
9. Wendy – Sexual Abuse Survivor
10. Wendy  – Cancer Survivor

Nominate Someone Today!

Nominations for the 2018 Survivor’s Ball will begin Sunday, July 1, 2018, and end Sunday, September 16, 2018. We are asking the general public and/or organizations to send us nominations of individuals whose stories and accomplishments warrant the recognition as a “Survivor”. Although only one individual will be selected per category, please know that everyone that has triumphed in the face of adversity is a “True Survivor”.

If you or someone you know have faced a challenging battle and survived in any of the categories listed above, nominate them via the form below by submitting their story on and/or a video (3 minutes or less) detailing their battle(s) and victory.

The categories for the 2018 Survivor’s Ball are:

  • Cancer Survivor
  • Domestic Violence Survivor
  • HIV Survivor
  • Lupus Survivor
  • Sexual Assault Survivor
  • Human Trafficking Survivor
  • Heart Attack Survivor
  • Military Combat Casualty Survivor
  • Victim of Drunk Driving
  • Life Survivor (a person who has endured so much in life and survived. It CAN NOT fall into the categories above)
Domestic Violence Victims Yearly
Victim Of Drunk Driving Yearly
Sexual Assaulte Victims Yearly
Cancer Victims Yearly


1. What is the dress code for the Survivor's Ball?

2. Is there an age limit to attend the Survivor's Ball?
‍Please keep in mind this is a formal event and will include an open bar.

3. How were nominees selected?
Nominees for categories were submitted by the general public. Each nominee had their story told and shared via our online form.

4. How will the winners be chosen?
All nominees were screened and chosen by a committee of business professionals and organizations in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

5. Will winners be contacted before the award ceremony?
All winners will be notified the night of the ball.

‍6. How can I obtain media credentials for the Survivor's Ball?
To obtain media credentials, send a request to

7. Can I nominate more than 1 person?
‍Yes, however, you must submit a form for each person you want to nominate.

‍8. How can I be a sponsor at the Survivor's Ball?
Send a sponsor request to

‍9. Can I get a refund if I buy my ticket but can't attend the Survivor's Ball?
No refunds will be given; all transactions are final.

Tickets To Survivors Ball

Life Changing Community Development Corporation (CDC) Not Profit Organization

All Proceeds For The Survivors Ball Will Go To Life Changing Community Development Corporation (CDC) Not Profit Organization

Life Changing CDC is a 501c3 non profit organization focusing on helping Texans in time of need Founded in November 2004 by Angelia Dunbar and Lincoln Dunbar. Lincoln is a US Veteran and realized the need of many that served and protected our great country. So needless to say one of our passions is to help veterans and fallen soldiers.

We focus on empowering, enriching and enhancing lives in our community. We realize a variety of needs come up in life. Sometimes people need a hand up and are ashamed to admit it.. We understand and we want to help. Take a moment to think of the people in your life, at your church or at work. You will notice people all over need a hand up from time to time. Some more than others. We exist to help those in need when life hits them. You will find us feeding those that are hungry, supplying basic needs to those that need our help and contributing to the well-being of our great state of Texas.


Survivors Ball

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